September 2 – October 2

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 11, 6:30pm

Location: Backspace Gallery, Art Lofts, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI
Follow the cat paws to find the gallery.

Following the Visiting Artist Colloquium: Dylan DeWitt, investigate the unusual, the everyday, and the puzzling territories in between in person at the Reflexion exhibition opening reception.

I am interested in questions of perception and attention, how we decide which parts of the world are significant, and what counts as an image.

I create situations that encourage people to enter states of art-like heightened awareness. The physical pieces are not precious in themselves—indeed they are often dismantled after having served their purpose. Instead I consider the experiences they engender the primary works of art.

Frequently occurring in everyday spaces such as hallways, bathrooms and elevators, much of my work is built to foster closer attention to parts of our surroundings we have learned to ignore. Often this entails finding ways to point out the latent image-ness within what already exists around us—coaxing viewers to respond to their mundane surroundings with the same attention and sensitivity we ordinarily reserve for works of

I look for opportunities to create a moment of surprise, perceptual uncertainty, perhaps even delight or play, sparked by an instant in which the world does not appear to work the way we anticipate. I believe it healthy to experience challenges to one’s over-certain worldview as we witness the world refusing to behave as expected.