Follow these steps to apply as an incoming Freshman or Transfer Undergraduate student.

  1. Begin the main University of Wisconsin-Madison application using either the UW Systems Application or the Common App. Any questions about applying should be directed to the Office of Admissions and Recruitment.
  2. Indicate ART or PRE-ART EDUCATION as your intended major on your application. This selection is not binding, but allows us to view your application status.
  3. Submit your 8-12 image portfolio using our Slideroom account, detailed below. Students will complete Program 3—Portfolio Submission for Incoming 2019-20, ART FRESHMAN ART TRANSFER STUDENTS.*
  4. E-mail Undergraduate Programs Assistant Shannon Jones to confirm that you are on the list of potential Art Majors.

*Portfolio Submission is not currently required for admission, but is strongly recommended. Reviewing your portfolio allows the Art Department to send a recommendation to the Admissions Office on the applicant’s behalf, as a supplement to your main application. The UW-Madison Office of Admissions and Recruitment makes all final acceptance decisions.

Undergraduate Portfolio Submission

Submit a portfolio of 8-12 images.

Students working primarily in digital media should include a minimum of four hand-created works (drawings, paintings, prints, or sculptures) in their portfolios. Make sure images are in focus and well-lit. Our program prioritizes original ideas in art-making. Select images that show us who you are as an artist!

Portfolio Submission Deadlines:

  • For Early Action, the Art Department must receive your portfolio by November 1, 2018.
  • For Regular Decision, the Art Department must receive your portfolio by February 1, 2019.
Please email Undergraduate Programs Assistant Shannon Jones with further questions.

Undergraduate Program Information Sessions

These sessions take about two hours and include a tour of the facilities.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Interested in studying Art at UW-Madison? Attend this information session if you are an admitted student, currently in the application process, or even just starting your college exploration process. This session is run by our Undergraduate Programs Assistant Shannon Jones (BFA 2016). We will provide an overview of Art Department programs and discuss degree options, course offerings, and various opportunities available for art students at UW-Madison.

RSVP for Undergraduate Information Session - University of Wisconsin - Madison

Sessions will meet in the Art Lofts building at 10:00 am. The Art Lofts is located at 111 N. Frances Street Madison, Wisconsin.

Hourly parking:
Lake and Johnson Street Ramp
301 North Lake Street

Metered parking is available outside the building. Campus parking information can be found at UW-Madison Parking Services.

UW-Madison also offers a Creative Campus Tour, a walking tour that visits many art spaces on campus.