Artists Felicia LeRoy and Carolyn Spears work with molten glass, some of the hottest material on earth, yet their recent exhibit “Absolute Zero” connotes the coldest temperature possible.

Curated by University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor of Glass Working and Faculty Director of The Studio Helen Lee, “Absolute Zero” is a glass art exhibit presented by the Wisconsin Union for free public access at the Main Gallery in Memorial Union.

“Absolute Zero” is part of ongoing glass exhibits and events that will be available for students to enjoy throughout the school year in honor of 60 years of glass at UW.

LeRoy is an artist who has experience working with various subject matters. Her work puts a unique lens on the interweaving and connections between the body, technology and the environment. She critiques and studies topics of the body, ontology and our own understandings of our spatial place in the world. She utilizes forensic methodology as well as traditional and nontraditional inquiry to seek understanding of the human body in relation to others and non-human bodies.

Recently, her projects have been challenging and detangling boundaries between self and other. Agency and the ever-changing nature of all ‘things’ are main topics of interest. She attended the Rhode Island School of Design for her master’s in fine arts in 2017 and UW for her bachelor’s in fine arts in 2014.

LeRoy spoke with The Badger Herald about her work and the exhibit.