A new Bucky on Parade statue, “Honor the Air, Land, and Water,” will debut this week to kick off UW–Madison’s 175th Anniversary celebration.

Look for it at the celebration on Wednesday, July 26, at Memorial Union, where you can have your photo taken with it at an open-air photo booth.

The new statue is part of the five-year anniversary celebration of the Bucky on Parade public art project. Many of the 85 statues created five years ago are on display again, and  Destination Madison introduced a digital, mobile-friendly pass and online map that Bucky fans can use through Sept. 15.

The new statue, featuring iconography that represents the university’s past, present, and future, was painted by Art Professor John Hitchcock, with assistance from UW–Madison student Kaylee Herrmann, an undergraduate with the Art Department.

Hitchcock says he considered “the importance of place, being grounded in oneself, and our quest to discover more about who we are as a people” in developing this new work.

Watch the transformation of a blank Bucky statue into an artistic masterpiece: