UW–Madison’s John Baldacchino recently co-edited a special issue of the journal Policy Futures in Education, titled “Complexities of and Opportunities for Education’s Autonomy.”

Baldacchino is a professor of art and art education with the School of Education’s Art Department. He edited and wrote the introduction to the special issue with Yosef-Hassidim, and he is the author of a chapter that is titled, “A subject’s autonomy: Undidactic mediation in Georg Lukács and John Dewey.”

Policy Futures in Education is a peer-reviewed international journal that is futures-oriented and committed to promoting debate in education among university academics, government, and more. In their introduction to the special issue, Baldacchino and Yosef-Hassidim write that advocates of education’s autonomy should ask, “not just where we want to go,” but also,”how far do we want to go; to what degree programs of education’s autonomy should inspire to change theoretical and practical frameworks, and as such the way we think about education?”