As UW–Madison celebrates its Winter 2022 Commencement this Sunday, Dec. 18, we wish to congratulate all of our students who are graduating from programs in the School of Education.

We reached out to a few of our graduating students across the arts, education, and health to learn more about their favorite UW–Madison memories and future plans. Scroll down to learn more about these outstanding graduates, and click their names to read their stories.

Anna Heinen
BFA, Art

Lessons learned — “I feel rooted in a strong community now, and feel so connected to my friends. The social skills and life skills I’ve learned in college are equally as important to me as the things I’ve learned about art and working with my hands.”

Serendipity Stage
BFA, Art

Choice of major — “I initially enrolled as an English major due to my love of creative writing — an art form I still practice and incorporate into my works today. Yet my involvement in The Studio resident learning community as a freshman opened my eyes to my passion for working with the arts in a different way.”