Saturday December 17 @ 9am-5pm

Location: Glass Lab, Art Lofts, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI

Join the UW-Madison Art Department for our Annual Holiday Art Sale! Find the perfect gift for loved ones, including a wide array of unique prints, cards, glasswork, and many other original pieces of artwork by our undergraduate and graduate UW art Students! The Holiday Sale is free and open to the public. Artworks will priced by the students at a variety of prices.

This year we are also featuring student orgs Mad Gaffers (UW-Madison Glassblowing Club) and Fresh Hot Press (UW-Madison Printmaking Club). You can join the Mad Gaffers in the extremely popular “Blow Your Own Glass Ornament” event! You will be able to work with UW glass students to blow your own unique glass ball ornaments. Choose from a variety of colors, and have the opportunity to use tools and your very own breath to shape and inflate your ornaments!

“Blow Your Own Glass Ornaments” are first come, first served, and cost $50 to partake in. Place your reservation now. Pick up the perfect, hand-crafted gift for a loved one, or have a hand in crafting one yourself at Mad Gaffer’s “Blow Your Own” Event, where participants engage in blowing their own unique glass ornament.


2022 Annual Holiday Art Sale