April 1 – July 1

Curated by: Sophia Abrams

Artists: Alice Traore, Simone Lawrence, Sharon L. Bjyrd, and Teena Wilder

Time(is): An Exploration of Black Art in Madison highlights the works of four Black Madison-based artists who explore creating portraits through visual, performance, and conceptual art practices. These works capture moments in time as well as the passing of time and it’s intangibility.

Guest curator Sophia Abrams brings her expertise in local history archiving into the curation of this show by exploring the unique lens of these four artists along with their individual curated book lists that anchor their own narratives and creative practices. As these works exist boldly in this space the hope is to inspire conversation, celebration, and care in this time we share.

Time(is): An Exploration of Black Art in Madison is organized & curated by Sophia Abrams, with support from The Bubbler at Madison Public Library. Support for this exhibition is provided by Madison Public Library Foundation.