The University of Wisconsin Art Department is showcasing the class of 2021’s art portfolios online. The portfolios, which display pieces ranging from sound to glassblowing, are available to see on the department’s website.

Though having the exhibition online did have its drawbacks, it was better than having no exhibition at all, UW BFA graduate Emma Leeper said in an email interview.

“I’m happy we had any chance to have some sort of display to showcase our work,” Leeper said. “I definitely miss those questions and tones that only come with the flow of conversation. Often people feel weird reaching out about art because they think they’ll sound ‘unintelligent’ or don’t feel like their thoughts are valid.”

In her artist statement, Leeper said she straddles the line between art and design to tell stories that grab the viewer’s attention.

One of her portfolio’s most evocative pieces is an eerie, green self-portrait of Leeper extending her hand into a cone of light. The title of the piece is “Self Portrait 1 (Responsibility).”