April 21 – May 5

Location: Tandem Press Apex Gallery by appointment only (email info@tandempress.wisc.edu to schedule your visit) or online, 1743 Commercial Ave, Madison, WI

Folklore is one of our oldest traditions. Passing along stories between generations to help them understand the way the universe functions. This knowledge is woven into our stories to help light the path towards understanding. Stories that would draw you in and leave clues to help you find their deeper meaning. Stories with so many layers and connections that one would have to truly sit with these stories to let them develop and mature. This layering of meaning is the same approach I use for my reductive relief prints. Using many layers of ink, I’ve been building the foundations of my folklore. Steeped in the arcane and occult knowledge, I leave a trail of clues through which to better understand the world around us.

This exhibition is made possible through support from the Anonymous Fund.

The Hallowed Veil