The School of Education’s Art Department is presenting an exhibition of work from students in its Graphic Design area, online through Mar. 20, 2021.

Titled “Graphic Design Area Exhibition 2020: Here,” the exhibition features work by UW–Madison students Rebecca Bailey, Tess Baker, Sophia Bellora, Rachel Betters, Emily Bian, Meredith Buenz, Mo Chen, Anisha Desai, Emma Dickenscheidt, Mackenzi Dow, Madeleine Freitag, Tracy Fu, Nicole Golownia, Amanda Hazel, Emily Her, Clara Huskin, Annika Ide, Elizabeth Jortberg, Corrine Joswick, Grace Kim, Hannah Klintworth, Kristen Koenig, Allyson Konz, Cassidy Kratochvil, Emma Leeper, Hedi Ma, Kate Maguire, Jessalyn Mailoa, Cora Meinberg, Abby Meyer, Rachel Nguyen, Jessica Ni, Amani Omari, Maria Rantis, Jordan Schilling, Hamilton Smith, Megan Soldner, Liza Szymborski, Qiannge Tang, Arthur Thao, Genevieve Vahl, Anjika Verma, Margaret Walker, MacKenzie Woyak, and Nicole Yazzie.

Yeohyun Ahn, an assistant professor in the Art Department, said the idea for the exhibition arose from a conversation with one of her graphic design students, who asked if she was providing the same quality of education during the pandemic as she had before.

While Ahn was able to confidently respond “yes,” in most ways, she realized she was not able to offer students an in-person opportunity to showcase their work. So she decided to organize a virtual exhibition experience.