UW–Madison’s John Baldacchino has authored a paper offering a new look at engaging with the 19th/20th century philosopher and educator, John Dewey. The paper is titled, “Education’s Experience in an Age of Anti-Politics: Reading John Dewey in the Third Decade of the 21st Century,” and it is published in a special edition of the journal Sisyphus focused on “Old Masters, New Meanings.”

Baldacchino is a professor of art and education in the School of Education’s Art Department.

The paper is described as follows in the abstract:

Dewey’s argument for education is predicated on how, as free and intelligent beings, we have the power to develop dispositions. However, in a context where democracy is neutered by anti-politics, reading Dewey now comes with an urgent need to revisit his argument for an experiential and experimental approach towards the world.