Wednesday, November 4 @ 7-9pm

Artists: Lauren Aria, Aaron Bossen, Jocelyn Chan, Carla Christenson, Jessalyn Mailoa, Annika Neidinger, Noah Siegel, Bre’Annah Stampley, and Brittany Waldinger

Location: Outdoor viewing from Lot 91 (Back parking lot of the Art Lofts by W Mifflin), Art Lofts Backspace Gallery, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI

An ancient Greek term, lost to time and translation, “acedia” describes a state of listlessness, undirected anxiety, and uncertainty. Acedia is a collection of glass-informed 1-minute video shorts from the ART554 Intermediate/Advanced Glass class. The total duration of the work is ~10 minutes, and will be run on loop for the duration of the 2-hour screening. Please swing at through at some point during the screening window for this unique experience by the UW-Madison Glass Lab!