Many of the art pieces on display in a drive-thru exhibit outside Garver Feed Mill are directly influenced by aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing.

For example, “Curves vs. Waves” by local visual artist Jeremy Weinberg incorporates the epidemic curve that has become an ever-present graphic illustration of why quarantine measures have been necessary.

“He kind of played with it a little — he inverted it, created a cutout, and is projecting a video of waves onto it,” said Bethany Jurewicz, Garver’s director of public programming and community outreach. “The idea is that there may be waves in the pandemic, and there’s this curve that we’re meant to flatten.”

A piece created by Cynthia Hoffman also draws inspiration from the public health crisis. It features the names and handprints of 30 essential workers in Madison, including those of grocers, emergency medical workers and water utility employees.

But “Outside Looking In: A Drive-Thru Art Exhibit,” featuring works by 18 local artists, is intended to be considered as a whole, along with the building itself.

“You look at the building, and you’re distanced from it, right? You’re already thinking about the fact that you can’t get out of your car, and you’re viewing art in a completely different way,” Jurewicz said. “Just the premise of the exhibition is very much about social distancing. We’re taking that as our jumping-off point.”

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