November 27 – December 5

Artists: Kayla Bol, Madeline Burpee, Sean Clute, Emily Coyne, Tyler Didier, Silei Fu, Dara Hartman, Brian Kluge, Heather Kohlmeier, Gloriann Langva, Jane Li, Riley Mcmanus, Carly Roberts, Hannah Schelb, Emma Schell, Margaret Walker, Kayla (Jiaxuan) Zhang

Closing Reception: Wednesday, December 4, 6:30-9pm

Location: Art Lofts Gallery, 111 N Frances St, Madison, WI

Up From the Ground is a collaborative effort from the advanced ceramics class, graduate ceramics students, and ceramics instructors. This is an exhibition that aims to showcase a broad range of creative thought and different methods of making bound by three common factors: water, clay, and glaze. The title of the show emanates from the backgrounds of the artists and how far they have come since they first embarked on their journeys with clay.

Up From the Ground is an effort far greater than what is presented at the show. It is the diversity of the students coming from the what they are rooted in…It shows not only the great richness of the soil, but the interplay between each element of the garden to shine on its own and help those next to it shine even more.—Tyler Didier, Exhibiting Artist and Student

Works include: the fantastic discoveries of Dr. Phinias Mandrake, traditional pottery, figurative sculpture, gigantic vessels, and so much more. Up From the Ground will undoubtedly be a cannot-miss show. Please come join us for our closing reception to enjoy snacks, refreshments, and great company.