Beneath the John Nolan bridge in Madison, a piece of art is catching the attention of those passing by.

“We came down just to see the sculptures because we heard about it from a friend,” says Madison resident Laurie Morris.

The sculptures are called “The Swimmers,” as the artist himself, Chris Murphy [BFA ’84] explains.

“The idea how I came up with this was through a friend of mine who introduced me to this body casting material,” Murphy says.

The body casted figures are suspended beneath the bridge above Wingra Creek, so when one looks in the water, it appears as if the sculptures are swimming.

“Looking at the reflection in the water is really one of the coolest aspects to it,” says Morris.

“I got them up there in a pontoon boat and with a very large ladder,” says Murphy, who adds the body cast molds are of various friends.

This is far from the first time Murphy has displayed body casted images around Madison.

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