In an effort to re-imagine hidden and secondary doors on State Street and in downtown, the Central Business Improvement District and the city of Madison launched a new public art project called Downtown Doors.

According to a release, the Downtown Doors project showcases 25 local artists at more than 25 locations across downtown Madison in an effort to spotlight the city’s art community. [2019 Artists include: Alex Haunty, Allen Hambrecht, Ashley Lusietto – MFA ’20, Carol Hambrecht, FORNOW, Helen Klebesadel – MFA ’89, Holly Cohn, Jaroslava Sobiskova – BFA ’93, Jeffrey A. Repko – MFA ’18, Jenie Gao, Jennifer Hadley – BS-Art ’94, Karli Didrickson – BS-Art ’13, Katherine Steichen Rosing, Kim Marie, Lauden Nute, Laura Komai, Laura Ovberg, Luisa Fernanda Garcia-Gomez, Maria Amalia Wood, Noël Ash – MFA ’20, Pamela Andros, Rosa Cruz, T.L. Luke, Tim Brenner –  MFA ’16.]

Madison Art Commission’s BLINK temporary art program and the Room Tax Commission helped support the projects, along with downtown property owners, who sponsored doors to help pay for a portion of installation costs.


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