Each day, the University of Wisconsin shapes and sculpts its students in ways that are both professionally and personally impactful. After graduation, some will leave and some will stay — but there is hardly any doubt that one’s college experience will prove to be deeply influential in navigating the world after this time is over. As such, the post-college lives of four UW graduates are currently on display in the Postmadison exhibition.

The graduates include Anna Campbell [MFA ’06], Joey Fauerso [MFA ’01], Chris Walla [MFA ’03] and Kristof Wickman [BFA ’05]. Each graduated from UW’s art program and contributed two or more pieces to the exhibition, which is on view at the Arts + Literature Laboratory.

The Arts + Literature Laboratory is the perfect venue for this multimedia gallery. Soft light and white-painted brick in some spaces illuminated pieces, while other darker, more private spaces created the appropriate introspective viewing environment.

UW does not leave an identical mark on all of us, but the breadth of its impact is appreciated by Fauerso and Campbell. For Fauerso, she reflects on the people.


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