Fiona MacCrimmon, 17, is a high school senior from Madison, Wis. She took a new UW–Madison Summer Term precollege summer art program called Imaging Self, a three-week residential program in which high school students experience different art forms, work with artists and faculty, and learn about themselves through artistic expression. The students selected one of three tracks: visual art, dance, or theater.

Students lived in Slichter Hall along the shore of Lake Mendota. Each morning, they immersed themselves in the discipline of their choice while working in small groups to improve their craft and develop a strong portfolio. In the afternoons, they combined artistic media. They explored art as an academic pursuit and a reflection of society.  They also learned about applying to college and earned college credit.

MacCrimmon said the course was transformative for her. It sparked creativity, introduced her to new friends, and put her on a path to studying art in college.


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