Making Comics (& other Graphic Formations) with Jason L. Kartez
May 29 – July 22, 10a-3p  M/W

Making Comics, Art 448, Section 008
4 Credits
Beginning-level special topics course, limited to 16 students, open to all UW students from any discipline

This course is an introduction to making comics as both a subject and means of academic inquiry. How do writing and pictures combine and interact to make something new? We call this ‘something’ by various names; sequential art, graphic novel or autobiography, cartoons, or just plain old ‘comics,’

☆☆☆☆☆ Stars! My highest recommendation!
One of my best students has become of of my favorite cartoonists!
Jason Kartez brings something original to comics.
I would take this class in an instant!

-Prof. Lynda Barry


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