October 6 – November 9

Gallery Lecture: Thursday, November 9, 2017, 12p

Location: Weber Fine Arts Building 1st Floor, 6505 University Drive South, Omaha, NE

By Gail Simpson and Aristotle Georgiades, sculptors and public artists currently teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Simpson has public art in many locations nationally and has exhibited temporary projects around the U.S. and Europe. Her Bygone sculptures are made of plastic toys and lawn ornaments of the type that appear in peoples’ yards and basements, reminiscent of an idealized, carefree childhood that is always better in our unreliable memory. Georgiades exhibits public art as well as smaller-scale sculptures using salvaged building materials and objects. His works relate to issues of adaptability and the changing nature of work and ask questions about usefulness and ambition. In 2014, he received the International Sculpture Center’s Outstanding Educator Award.


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