The new exhibition, “Art En Route,” brings together aspects of visual and literary art to create a community throughout Madison and surrounding areas. Put on by WUD Art, co-curators Yusi Liu and Alex Polach have

Christina Libs, a 28-year-old staffer at Zendesk, got her introduction to Madison’s art scene a few years ago at Art Fair on the Square.

“Everybody’s just walking around with their friends looking at really expensive art and slightly more affordable art,” said Libs. “It made me aware that there’s a big network of people in Madison focused on art.”

But Libs didn’t make her first major art purchase until until she met Carlos Eduardo Gacharná [BFA ’16], an artist and the arts manager of 100State, a downtown coworking space. At a night market called Dane Arts Buy Local in 2016, Libs was drawn to one of Gacharná’s pieces, an image cast on metal.

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