June 12 – July 9, 9:00-2:00 M/T/W/Th

Art 104, 214: 3D Design, Sculpture I

Three-Four Credits, 3D Design no prereqs. Intro to techniques and basic sculpture concepts to provide a survey of sculpture studio practices. Required for art majors and for 3D focus of certificate.

Art 112, 212: Drawing I & II

Three Credits, 112 Open to Freshmen, 212 prereqs ART 112 or Art or Art-Education classification.

Art 242, 342, 542, 448-006, 312, 512, 612:
Watercolor I, Watercolor II, Adv Watercolor, 2D Media: Works on Paper, Intermediate Drawing I, Adv Drawing I, Adv Drawing II

Four Credits, Introduction, Intermediate & Advanced watercolor and drawing including the special topic 2D Media meet together, taught by Fred Stonehouse.

Art 346: Basic Graphic Design

Four Credits, Prereqs: prior completion of either Art 102 or 107. Fall sections are full – try taking it in summer!

Enroll by June 14