March 1, 7-10p

March 2 – 4, 12-8p

March 5, 12-5p

Location: Galerie Jan Dhaese, Volta NY, Booth D18, Pier 90, W. 50th St. at 12th Av., New York, NY 10019

Description: Max Razdow’s Metropolis Drawings collect the history and geography of a city in becoming, rendered from the bones of abstraction with mixed mediums, pen and ink. The works become a corollary for present and future states, ranging from the mural scale Metropolis to dozens of small ink drawings, sketches and notes. Razdow’s works linger as poetic attributions to an untold story* – one bridging metaphysical, mystical and experiential qualities that are reflective of the world we know.

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