Art Department scholarships are need-based, so please be sure to fill out a FAFSA form to be considered for funds.

Explore additional types of financial aid from several sources through the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Art Department Awards are made possible through these generous Scholarships

  • Art Board of Visitors Scholarship
  • Art Department Faculty and Staff Scholarship
  • Meika A. Alberici Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Marie Thorsen Austin Scholarship
  • Melvin F. and Beverly A. Butor Scholarship
  • Carrie Jones Cady Scholarship
  • George Joseph Cramer Scholarship
  • Elsie Iwen Ebling Scholarship
  • Kenneth Eichenbaum Memorial Scholarship
  • Phil Hamilton Graphic Design Scholarship
  • Catherine Esther Hokin Memorial Scholarship
  • Kenneth D. Brown and Robert G. Kaentje Scholarship
  • Truman Lowe Scholarship
  • Margaret J. Martens Scholarship
  • Ethel J. Odegard Scholarship
  • Laurie Regan Art Scholarship
  • Lois G. Roberts Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Sewell Scholarship
  • Catherine V. and Virginia E. Tenuta Scholarship