On average the Art Department awards $1.3 million annually to fund graduate student education. Funding comes in the form of teaching assistantships (TA & TA-IS), project assistantships (PA) fellowships, and scholarship funding packages. TA, PA, and fellowship awards provide full tuition remission, living stipends, and medical benefits. Scholarship awards vary in amount and are used to offset annual tuition costs. Students apply for funding each year and are awarded comprehensive funding packages based on their continued success in the program. Funding is based on sustained academic and artistic progress, and satisfactory performance toward the completion of the degree.

Departmental Funding

Teaching Assistantships: Continuing students apply for Teaching Assistantship (TA) positions in November through the Annual Funding Application. Due to the demanding responsibilities of these positions, the Department prioritizes students moving into their second and third year of the program. All continuing students are offered an interview for TA positions. Students completing their third year of the program are not eligible to teach a fourth year. Qualified incoming applicants will be considered for an interview as class sections become available. Incoming students are encouraged to apply for TA positions within the department’s admissions application. Students may hold a TA position for two years while in the program. An appointment as a TA includes remission of all tuition (excluding segregated fees or extra course fees) and health insurance coverage for the duration of the appointment. Appointments usually require teaching two studio sections or three discussion sections per semester.

Project Assistantships and Teaching Assistant (Instructional Staff): Project Assistantships (PA) and Teaching Assistant-Instructional Staff (TA-IS) positions are available within and outside of the department. These are limited-term appointments that pay a salary and provide benefits for studio, lab, or research work.

PA positions are offered by faculty members directly to qualified students. Eligible incoming and continuing students who have submitted either their Admittance Application or the Department’s Annual Funding Application will be considered, there is no separate application. PA appointments can range from one semester to the full calendar year and provide full tuition remission (excluding segregated fees and extra course fees) and health coverage for the duration of the appointment.


TA-IS applications are included in the Annual Funding Application provided to continuing students in November. Incoming students apply for TA-IS positions within the department’s Admissions Application. An appointment as a TA-IS includes remission of all tuition (excluding segregated fees or extra course fees) and health insurance coverage for the duration of the appointment.

In past years, graduate students have been successful in locating PA, TA, and TA-IS positions in other departments, primarily in positions requiring experience in art, design, or writing backgrounds.

Fellowships: Additional fellowships are awards that enable graduate students to pursue their degrees full-time. The Art Department Faculty Steering Committee nominates students for fellowships. Administered by the Graduate School, the Graduate School homepage has general fellowship information.

Non-Departmental Funding

Office of Student Financial Aid
333 E. Campus Mall #9701
Financial Aid information for graduate student grants, employment appeals, and general loans is available at Student Financial Services. Please note that student financial aid awards are not connected with the Art Department.

Work Study
Work-study is awarded through the Financial Aid Office. Work-study positions are listed in the work-study office. Many professors in the Art Department hire work study students to assist them in lab courses.