On Sunday, Dec. 17, UW–Madison and the School of Education will be celebrating its latest cohort of talented graduates with 2023 Winter Commencement celebrations. Ahead of the big day, we reached out to a few of our graduating students to learn more about their accomplishments, time at UW–Madison, and future plans.

Madisson Delebeck, who is graduating with bachelor’s degrees in art and biochemistry, with a certificate in classical studies, is one student who agreed to share their thoughts with us.

Delebeck explains that when she first arrived at UW–Madison, she had intended on pursuing a bachelor’s degree in astronomy-physics.

“I quickly realized that, although I loved physics in high school, it wasn’t the type of opportunity I saw myself being fully content with,” she explains. “I changed majors multiple times throughout my academic career, but I found my true passion through the (School of Education’s) Art Department at the beginning of my sophomore year.”

And while art and biochemistry might seem like two, very different majors, Delebeck explains how they fit well with who she is and how she thinks.

“I want to show people that they don’t have to settle for one field of study, even if their goals are across multiple, incredibly different, fields,” she says. “I could not imagine a life where I didn’t enrich myself in both the sciences and the arts. I couldn’t have done that without UW-Madison.”