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A faculty of specialists offers instruction emphasizing in-depth technical knowledge and utilizing state-of-the-art print equipment in studios designed and outfitted for specific printing techniques. The program stresses skill and technical command with a major emphasis on the development of ideas and concepts.


Faculty: Michael Connors 
Courses: Art 348 Intro to Digital Printmaking and Art 636 Computer Augmented Printmaking

Courses in digital printmaking provide graphics students with the necessary skills to take original art to various forms of printed output through the use of digital processes. It also provides a thorough explanation of the various systems, software, hardware, and printmaking fundamentals involved in the integration of digital and traditional hand printed techniques. The course encourages the exploration of experimental hybrid forms of print.





Faculty: Emily Arthur and Faisal Abdu'Allah

Courses: Art 326 Etching, Art 526 Advanced Etching/Intaglio, Art 726/826 Graduate Etching/Intaglio

The etching/intaglio classes present a thorough grounding in traditional techniques, while encouraging experimentation and an orienting of the print in the center of current artmaking. There is an emphasis on sophisticated color printing and the incorporation of other non-traditional formats. The facilities include four etching presses and a state-of-the-art platemaker for photoetching.



Faculty:   Jack Damer 
Courses: Art 316 Lithography, Art 516 Advanced Lithography

The lithography classes are based on individual conceptual development as well as "hands on" course work geared towards craftsmanship and professionalism. All phases of lithography are stressed including direct, transfer, photo and computer generated imagery utilizing both stones and plates. The center of the program is a well equipped workshop incorporating five presses, a large graining sink, and over 75 stones of varying sizes up to 30 by 40 inches.




Faculty:   John Hitchcock 
Courses: Art 306 Relief Printmaking, Art 506 Advanced Relief Printmaking

These courses offer instruction in woodcut, wood engraving, and linocut. Skill in the use of hand tools is stressed, as well as experimentation with power tools and the laser engraver. Besides its use as a powerfully expressive medium on its own, the relief print as it is used in typographic design and fine book production is also explored.


Faculty:   John Hitchcock, Emily Arthur, Faisal Abdu'Allah
Courses: Art 336 Serigraphy, Art 536 Advanced Serigraphy

Classes in serigraphy (screenprinting) explore various techniques used to develop stencils from basic hand drawn and cut paper designs, to advanced photo and digitigraphic processes. With a workshop linked directly to the digital printmaking studio, these courses emphasize the integration of traditional silkscreen methods, photo techniques, and current computer image processing with large format printing.

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