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Photo of Noah Baumwoll

Noah Baumwoll

BFA Sculpture 2000

"There is something essentially primal and basic about working with fire and metal. It is the immediacy of welding that I most enjoy, as well as the rough and rugged nature of the material."

Noah has worked in a number of different mediums including bronze, glass, neon and ceramics. Currently his emphasis is in steel. Noah has been greatly influenced by the colors, culture, and music of Jamaica and the African Diaspora at large, as well as Eastern and Jewish spirituality. His work seeks to integrate these seemingly disparate themes into a cohesive whole. Trips to the Caribbean from an early age, as well as exposure to reggae music from his youth, helped fuel a lasting passion. More recently, yoga and eastern spiritual interests, culminating in a trip to India has energized his work.

He would like his art to be appreciated as a fusion of all means of artistic expression. For the work to be accessible to as many people as possible, and for it as well as himself to remain unpretentious, forthright, and bold. 


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