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Photo of Jaylene Armstrong

Jaylene Armstrong

J. Chloie Designer Jewelry

BA Art Education 1966
MA Art Education 1976

Jaylene Armstrong has lived in California since 1998. She first lived in Marin County for three years and moved to Santa Clarita in 2003. Before that she lived in Chicago, IL. Prior to that Jaylene spent 40 years of her life in Madison, Wisconsin where she was an art teacher for 26 years. Jaylene is a retired Art Educator who taught art to Elementary, Middle School and College students. She has B A and M A degree in Art.

She has served as a California State University "Art Supervisor" visiting student art teachers and evaluating their teaching skills for earning their teacher certification.

Jaylene became interested in semi-precious stones in the early 1980's and began to design "ONE-OF-A- KIND" pieces of jewelry using semi-precious stones. She designs necklaces, bracelets and earrings using beads from different countries around the world. As a designer she finds it is a challenge to arrange the beads in an exciting rhythm by carefully and playfully using different kinds of beads to present a unique piece. Using beads can be compared to painters using paint and brushes to create a painting and making their compositions into a unique statement.

Recently, she received a 1st Place Gold Medal Award in the Santa Clarita Artist Association fall Art Classic art exhibit.

Jaylene participates in many Art Festivals in Southern California. Contact her for more information about her upcoming shows at:

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