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Painting by Jose Agustin Andreu

Jose Agustin Andreu

Adjunct Faculty The Art Institute of Chicago/Columbia College in Chicago

MFA Painting 1986

"Through painting I carve out a space, a place from which to contemplate our moment."

My work documents the morphology of identity. It has traced a metaphorical journey from a personal vision toward global concepts. I use structures that reflect abstract ideas about space, form, and illusion as well as color and light. The work is oriented by the painting process and is the result of the convergence of various perceptual decisions. Connections are established through relationships of transparent and opaque color, shapes and spaces, and soft and hard edges. The work reconciles emotion and reason, technology and feeling, and western and nonwestern traditions. It has developed in the dialectic between the fragile and the enduring, between the common and the esoteric, investigating the uncertain condition between transition and permanence.


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