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Scholarships for Art Undergraduate Students



Current undergraduate art majors (BS-Art, BFA, BS-Art Ed) may apply for Fall & Spring 2017-2018 Art Department scholarships through SlideRoom:
UW-Madison Undergraduate Art Major Scholarship Application

Incoming undergraduate art majors, fall 2017
As applicants receive their admission decisions, the Art Department will email admitted students an invitation to apply for an art scholarship.  Eligibility requires that recipients declare either BS-Art, pre-BFA or Pre-Art Education during Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) and participate in the Contemporary Art and Artists First Year Interest Group (Art FIG) in their first year. 

Transfer students who've already completed their art foundations courses are not required to participate in the Art FIG. Recipients are selected on the strength of their portfolios and their statement of intent to major in art. Contact Julie Ganser to verify you are on the list of potential art majors.

Awards Available for 2017-2018 Academic Year

Art Board of Visitors Scholarship
For undergraduate students in art.

Edith Gilbertson Scholarship Fund
To benefit incoming undergraduate art majors.

Meika A. Alberici Memorial Scholarship Fund

This undergraduate scholarship is for individuals who are returning adult students who do not fit the traditional pattern of going directly from high school to college and/or first generation college attendees, and/or other students historically under-represented in higher education.

Marie Thorsen Austin Scholarship
For undergraduate(s) majoring in art. Preference given to graduate(s) of South Division High School in Milwaukee. If no applicants meet that preference, scholarship may be given to an otherwise qualified student(s) who has graduated from any Milwaukee high school.

Melvin F. and Beverly A. Butor Scholarship
Assistance for freshman and sophomore students who have financial need and who meet the high standards for enrollment in the art programs.

George Joseph Cramer Scholarship
Undergraduate student(s) working in glass.

Elsie Iwen Ebling Scholarship
Junior or senior art majors who graduated from a Wisconsin high school.

Catherine Esther Hokin Memorial Scholarship
One scholarship/year. Recipient will be an undergraduate junior or senior majoring in and demonstrating strong abilities in visual art. Preference given to a female student.

Margaret J. Martens Scholarship
Undergraduate student majoring in art education in the upper one quarter of his/her class and has financial need.

Laurie Regan Art Scholarship
Undergraduate in art.

Elizabeth Sewell Scholarship in Art Metals
Students studying art metals with a preference for undergraduates.

Catherine V. and Virginia E. Tenuta Scholarship
For incoming, full-time undergraduate art students who show a high degree of promise in chosen field of study.

May be Awarded to Undergraduate or Graduate Art Majors

Art Department Faculty and Staff Scholarship

Kenneth D. Brown and Robert G. Kaentje Scholarship
Scholarships for one undergraduate and one graduate student studying painting.

Carrie Jones Cady Scholarship
Outstanding professional (commercial) art major(s) for undergraduate and graduate students.

Ethel J. Odegard Scholarship
Scholarships for undergraduate or graduate art majors who are "industrious and good citizens."

Lois G. Roberts Scholarship
Scholarships for students studying painting. May be undergraduate or graduate.

Phil Hamilton Graphic Design Scholarship
Established to honor professor emeritus Phil Hamilton, former Chair of the Art Department, to support graduate and undergraduate students in graphic design.

Truman Lowe Scholarship

Awarded to students in sculpture.

For information on other forms of educational funding, please visit:

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