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Alexander Jackson, BFA 2015
See more: Alex Jackson_New American Paintings

Painting & Drawing

This program emphasizes advance mastery of the "artistic discipline." The course of study provides an understanding of historical and contemporary painting and drawing practices, skills and techniques for further creative and expressive development. Individual expression is encouraged and supported by faculty who advocate a wide range of aesthetic views.

Faculty:  Derrick BuischNancy MladenoffLeslie Smith IIIT.L. SolienFred Stonehouse

Concepts of Figuration

Courses: Art 452 Intermediate Painting: New Figuration I, Art 552 Advanced Painting: New Figuration II 52, Art Advanced Painting: New Figuration III

Courses in figuration encourage creative exploration of the "figurative" transmission of the "human condition." Anthropological, cultural, socio-political, gender, sexual, racial, and dreamlife imaging become primary to the understanding of personal or group identity, place, cultural and familial dynamics, sexuality and gender identification. Figurative painting is open to the use of traditional and extreme image making methods including observational, illusionism, fictive representation or other conceptual premises relevant to the successful presentation of privately held concerns.

Contemporary Drawing

Beginning in foundation drawing courses, Art 112 Drawing I & Art 212 Drawing II provide an introduction to the basics of observational and imaginative drawing. Students may continue developing these skills by enrolling in one or more of the following:
Art 312 Intermediate Drawing
Art 512 Advanced Drawing I
Art 448 Illustration for Fine Artists (coming fall 2016)
Art 232 Life Drawing I
Art 332 Life Drawing II
Art 532 Advanced Life Drawing I
Art 632 Advanced Life Drawing II

Life Drawing trains the hand, eye and mind in the timeless pursuit of the figurative image. The human figure challenges the observant artist working with drawing and painting materials on paper as no other form can. Students sharpen their observational skills, enlarge their figurative visual repertoire or engage in provocative self-expression. Through the act of "drawing ourselves" via the model, we engage in a complex dialogue of understanding who we are from the distance and dispassion of an observer. As we try to reveal the truth of what we see before us, we also confront and celebrate the uniqueness of the human form in the psychological and emotional connections resident in no other subject.
                                                                                                                 Right: Luke Johnson, BFA candidate

Above, Ink and acrylic on paper, Jiayu Chen, undergraduate

Contemporary Painting

Courses: Art 222 Introduction to Painting, Art 322 Intermediate Painting I,Art 522 Advanced Painting I, Art 622 Advanced Undergraduate Painting Workshop

Contemporary painting focuses on conceptual and technical advances in the field. Emphasis is placed on the development of the technical and conceptual skills necessary to realize personal vision and critical evaluations as well as the investigation of materials and techniques currently applied by contemporary painters.

Painting_Eric_Wolever, MFA
                              Above: Gabe Pionkowski, MFA 2014

Left: Eric Wolever, MFA candidate

Below, mixed drawing media on paper
Caleb Weisnicht, undergraduate

Below, undergraduate Nicole Shaver in her Advanced Painting Workshop studio.
Caleb Weisnicht, Undergraduate Art Major

Watercolor and Color

Art 302 Color
Art 242 Watercolor I
Art 342 Watercolor II
Art 542 Advanced Watercolor I
Art 642 Advanced Watercolor II
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