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Digital Media


The Digital Media area provides classes and faculty which allow students to expand their use of digital media tools in the context of their own fine art practice. Classes offered cover a wide range of digital forms including digital imaging, web authoring, flash animation, video and audio manipulation, 2D animation with After Effects, 3D modeling and animation using Rhino and Maya and code-based art. All classes provide a balance of technical information on the relevant media and coverage of the historical and conceptual implications of their use in a fine art context. Students are encouraged to consider digital tools as part of an integrated art practice that is concept and content driven rather than media specific. As well as supporting students whose art work is presented in digital formats the Digital Media area provides opportunities for artists working in all media to incorporate new methodologies into their practice. In the department and wider campus both Mac and PC based facilities are available with specialized facilities provided for 3D animation, video editing, 3D printing (rapid prototyping) and large format 2D printing.


Stephanie Bodendorfer, Art 429 3D Digital Studios Spring 2012     

Stephanie Bodendorfer, Art 429 3D Digital Studio Spring 2012

Art 107: Introduction to Digital Forms                         
Faculty: Meg Mitchell                Dig_
An introduction to a range of digital media techniques for artists and designers, including digital imaging, vector graphics, web design and 3D digital modeling. Emphasis on creative development along with technical skill building.
Art 429: 3D Digital Studio I
Faculty: Stephen Hilyard
Intermediate level class in three-dimensional modeling in the computer, in particular the use of 3D digital models for the creation of images and objects. Software – Rhino 3D.
Art 529: 3D Digital Studio II
Faculty: Stephen Hilyard
Advanced class covering the theory and practice of 3D digital modeling and animation software as a tool for making art. Software – Maya.
Art 629: 3D Digital Studio III
Faculty: Stephen Hilyard
Advanced studio class in which students work on a semester long self initiated project using 3D digital animation.
Art 660: Art & Technology
Faculty: Stephen Hilyard
Capstone seminar/studio class dealing with theoretical and aesthetic issues relating to the use of technology in contemporary art practice. Readings and lectures will prepare students for weekly discussions. Each student will complete one research project and one studio project.

New Digital Art Classes: 

Art 428 Digital Imaging Studio
Faculty: Stephen Hilyard
Intermediate level studio class using both still and moving digital images. During the class students will learn a range of techniques that will allow them to both create and manipulate images and video using Photoshop and After Effects. Creative assignments will include photomontage, video compositing and 2D animation.

Art 528 Web & Interactive Media
Faculty: Meg Mitchell
Intermediate level class that presents code as a medium for art creation. Web design using html and css. Introduction to actionscript in Flash. “Processing” programming language for the creation of generative and software art delivered through a web browser.
Art 309 Digital Art and Code
Faculty: Meg Mitchell
Programming with Processing language – generate 2d or 3d interactively, procedural modeling, info viz, text interpretation, computer vision analysis for interactive video.
Art 409 Digital Fabrication Studio
Faculty: Meg Mitchell
Digital fabrication, physical computing.

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